Children Education Department

Bible Studies, Book Clubs, and Special Events for Children.

Ministry Overview

You are meant to grow and deepen your faith alongside others, who encourage an empower you to make space for God in your family, friendships, work and sphere of influence. You can become the voice of peace and wholeness that brings forth the kingdom of God in our world. Take part in one of the opportunities listed below!

In addition to the coffee hour, the Radcliffe Room offers a clothing room where men and women from the streets can go to choose not only what they need, but what they want. Perhaps because they are able to make choices, the people who visit the clothes closet have named it “The Store.” Men and women’s clothing is available.


Assemblies of God Children’s Education Department is a trusted leader in helping guide kids into Spirit-empowered, whole-life transformation.

C.E.D. Coordinator

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